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Lexes OHara

Lexes OHara

Elite Training

10 years of experience

About Lexes

My fitness journey began as a way to improve my mental health. I had been curious about “the weight section” of the gym, but didn’t realize all of the feel-good/wellness benefits that would come with trying strength training for the first time! I continue to view movement and exercise as a form of self care that allows me to maintain my physical and mental wellness - and helps me feel more alive in my day to day. :) That said, I’ve also had my up’s and down’s, have struggled with B.E.D., dealt with running injuries, and have fallen off track many times during hard times. If you relate: know that it’s normal to have ups and downs on your fitness journey. Whether you’re just getting started or have experience (but need some guidance and accountability), we can work together to get you to your strength, fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals. I’m looking forward to meeting you! - I also have experience competing in a NPC bodybuilding show, ran half & full marathons, and hold active state records for powerlifting!


Weight Training
Core Training
Nutrition & Diet Management
Weight Loss
Athletic Performance
Cardio & HIIT
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Mantra to live by

Be gentle with yourself. <3

Favorite food

Homemade pizza

What I'm listening to

Pop punk or lorde

What I do outside the gym

Hikes, travel, passion projects, volunteer

Favorite exercise