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Marie Carroll

Marie Carroll

Elite Training

4 years of experience

About Marie

Hello! I am a Fitness Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. With 4-plus years of Personal Training experience, I design fitness programs that incorporate different modalities to accommodate client needs, requirements, and goals. With a belief in a holistic approach, I am passionate about helping clients build optimal functional movement patterns, maximize efficiency, increase strength and overall fitness, improve mind-body connection and develop healthy living habits. I aim to motivate and inspire clients regardless of their physical fitness level and abilities.


Core Training
Form Correction
Weight Training
Functional Mobility
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Mantra to live by

A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing

Favorite food

Banh mi (Vietnamese hoagie)

What I'm listening to

Currently into 80's and 90's alternative

What I do outside the gym

Loving my 2 beagle dogs

Favorite exercise

Thruster (squat to an overhead shoulder press)

What clients are saying

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client picture
G Pugliese
I always love my workouts with Marie. She pushes me and tailors my workouts. I have definitely built strength
client picture
K Flatau
She is an absolute all star! We do so much amazing work in 30 minutes and my form continues to improve (and all this with my crazy low back issues).
client picture
a epstein
Marie is the best :)
client picture
J Inaldo
Marie was great and my first session was a good mix of helping me get the right form for my exercises and challenging me to go a bit further. She provided helpful and positive feedback. I enjoyed it, thanks!
client picture
K Wright
Great at quickly modifying exercises when I'm struggling. Doesn't waste time trying to figure out how to do get the same result while making the exercise easier. I love that
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