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What is virtual yoga?

Never tried virtual yoga? No problem. The best way to practice is with FlexIt’s 1-1, live yoga sessions! We have a number of certified yoga instructors on the platform who can help you create a personalized flow for your body.

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Benefits of virtual yoga

Practicing one-on-one with a personal yoga instructor is a great way to get the individualized attention you need. When speaking to your yoga instructor, you can pick what you want to focus on, giving you a range of benefits such as:

  • Improves general wellness by relieving stress, supporting good health habits, and improving mental/emotional health, and sleep
  • Helps with low-back and neck pain
  • Increases flexibility and balance. Just like in Pilates, yoga both stretches and strengthens your muscles
  • Improves general quality of life and managing symptoms of chronic diseases
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More about yoga and mindful breathing

From its origin in ancient India, yoga has come a long way. It's the combination of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is generally made up of a combination of three things:

  • Physical postures
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation

Yoga has been practiced by people all over the world for centuries. Today, about 300 million people practice yoga around the world. And now, there are multiple types of yoga, all with different benefits. It’s more than a physical activity, it’s a connection between the mind and body. Plus, this is perfect if you’re looking for an active rest day after your higher intensity workouts throughout the week.

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Yoga on the FlexIt platform

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